Recommended Products

You could spend a lifetime searching for products and kit for your pond.

Here are just some of the things we use and recommend for our ponds.

Pond Pumps

The heart of every pond is water circulation. For this you need a pump.

When it comes to picking a pump it comes down to 2 things really – power/volume and price.

We have used the Hygger pumps on a few ponds now and they are perfect for medium-sized ponds. They have adjustable power output you can turn it right down or max it out for high water flow through your filtration.


Next up you are going to need some sort of filter to keep the water clean and to harbour beneficial bacteria to remove the nasties from your pond.

The Oase Biosmart filter is a great one-stop solution if you want a single box that does it all.

For others, you might need something to keep a small pond clean and that’s where the Pond Boss filter comes into its own.

You could go a step further and build your own if you are handy at DIY – see these posts for more info – small DIY pond filter or this DIY Barrel Filter. Both work really well and are easy enough to make.