The right food is of central importance for the correct care of young fish. Essentially, rearing food for koi must have two characteristics. For one thing, it has to be very small so that the fish can eat it without any problems. Food for adult Koi is therefore not suitable as rearing food, the grains of these types of food are often so large that they do not fit into the small mouth of the young fish.

On the other hand, the right rearing food is characterized by the fact that it provides all the ingredients that are required for the growth of the fish. Protein is the most important nutrient for young koi. Their bodies need large amounts of protein for their growth, which is why this ingredient must also be present in large quantities in the rearing feed. In addition, the feed should contain all minerals and vitamins that are important for Koi. These nutrients are also able to promote the healthy growth of the fish.

After hatching, the koi larva initially only feeds on the contents of its yolk sac. As soon as this has been used up to a third, the young Koi must also be fed external food. Only plankton food is suitable for this during the first few days.

The plankton is so small that even the tiny fry can eat it without any problems. The plankton contains all the necessary nutrients and in nature is the food that the young fish eat in the first days of life. When Plankton is the smallest marine algae that are the base of the marine food chain. With the feeding, the actual rearing feed is only started after two weeks. However, you should not suddenly stop feeding plankton. Rather, it is recommended that the rearing food for Koi is mixed with plankton for about four weeks.