Oxygenating pond plants furnish oxygen to ponds by releasing oxygen into the water. These plants are necessary to maintain a healthy pond. Freshwater plants that keep a pond healthy and have an attractive appearance are a worthwhile investment. Some types of oxygenating pond plants have flowers. Others have long stems or leaves that have a feathery appearance. Many different types of plants that will provide oxygen to ponds with different depths can be purchased.

Some types of oxygenating pond plants available in the UK are curly pondweed, water violet, water buttercup, willow moss, fanwort, hornwort, starwort, hair grass, and milfoil. None of these plants are exactly alike.

Curly Pondweed is also known as Potamogeton crispus. Pondweed has wavy edges and may be green or reddish-brown. Fish like to lay eggs on or near this plant. It is dense enough to provide a good cover for fish eggs and fish like to swim around it. This plant is native to the United Kingdom and produces flowers in the early part of the summer.

The Water Violet (Hottonia palustris) is another oxygenating pond plant that provides good cover for fish eggs. This plant produces flowers in May and June. Its foliage is green and it grows well.

water violet for your pond

The Water Buttercup (Ranunculus aquatilis) blooms during the spring and summer. Most ponds are suitable for this plant.

Willow Moss (Fontinalis antipyretica) grows slowly. It will grow in sun or shade. This plant is a good place for fish to lay their eggs. The eggs stick to the leaves of the willow moss.

underwater pond plants

The scientific name for Fanwort is Cabomba caroliniana. Fish use this as a hiding place and food source. The flowers of this plant bloom in the summer.

Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) works well for algae control. This plant will sink to the bottom of the pond in winter and new stems grow in the spring. Hornwort does not root so its growth is easy to control.

Hornwort plant (Ceratophyllum demersum) is the perfect oxygenator for your water.

The leaves of Starwort (Callitriche Verna) grow in a dense mass which makes it a desirable place for different types of pond life.

Egeria Densa is a fantastic plant. It goes like crazy and comes back year after year. Easy to maintain and pleasing to look at.

egeria densa

The flowers on the Water Milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) will bloom between May and August.

Water Milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum)

These pond plants will keep a pond healthy by keeping oxygen in the pond water.