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Rearing Koi Fry

The right food is of central importance for the correct care of young fish. Essentially, rearing food for koi must have two characteristics. For one thing, it has to be very small so that the fish can eat it without any problems. Food for adult Koi is therefore not...

Fry Food Plankton

The word "plankton" comes from ancient Greek and translates as "the wandering". In marine biology, plankton is the definition of organisms that live in water and whose swimming direction is determined by the flow of the water.  Plankton can consist of both vegetable...

Raising Koi Fry: The Basics done Right

The koi fish is an extremely popular ornamental variety of carp. Koi are prized for their colors, which can be found in a wide range of shades and patterns, as well as the large size they attain when mature. Because of this koi breeding is very popular among hobbyists...

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